Deborah Grooms

Collect Memories, Not Things

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Your Story

Every family has a story. For some it’s welcoming the first child into your lives, for others it’s watching them go off to school for the first time. Still others are wondering if they’ll ever see their kids on a Friday night again.

I have been blessed to have photographed families for over twenty five years. My style is relaxed, fun and candid. I am passionate about parents getting in the portraits. You are the center of your childrens lives and their rock. You deserve to be celebrated and feel special. Some of my best friends started out as clients and over the years have become like family. We laugh and cry over the joys and perils of life.

My gift is to make people of all ages relax in front of the camera. I invite you to call and schedule a session. The finished portraits on the walls of your home will bring a smile to your face each and every day.

My goal for every session is to work with you to create truly custom artwork for your home. To do that I need to ask you lots of questions about yourself and your children. I’ll help you with clothing that makes you feel incredible. I come to your home to help you make your selections and give you advice on scale and placement so the finished work looks comfortable. You don’t do this very often and you deserve this level of service, not a CD of images for your already overstuffed hard drive.

As a parent of two grown children I realize how quickly things change and kids grow up. Life is always busy, it never slows down. Sometimes you just have to schedule an afternoon to jump off the train to savor the now. Custom photography is an investment in memories you’ll never regret.